Artisan Best Gelato in Florence

The dream of many tourists is to find a top-notch best gelato in Florence: thanks to the amazing Caffè Delle Carrozze you can now try incredible dishes and sweets, surrounded by a beautiful historic area.

A historic artisan gelato shop in the center of Florence

Florence has always been one of Italy’s most important historical areas. Plenty of tourists decide to spend days surrounded by the culture, history and traditional food available in Tuscany’s capital. Thanks to Caffè delle Carrozze in Florence you’ll have the chance to taste some of the typical local and Italian delicacies. This place is ideal for those who wish to combine homemade products with a breathtaking environment. Caffè delle Carrozze is near Ponte Vecchio, one of the most famous attractions for tourists. Caffè delle Carrozze had a very interesting story: over the last fifty years it’s become one of the finest artisan Best Gelato in Florence. Recently it’s been mostly focused on innovating itself, thanks to the introduction and production of salty food. The preparation process and the ingredients used are very important: nothing is left to chance. This is what allows incredible results and an unforgettable experience for those who try Caffè delle Carrozze’s food. Here, tradition blends seamlessly with innovation: everything at Caffè delle Carrozze is inspired by traditional recipes. We use high quality products and ingredients to offer some truly amazing delicacies. During the 90s we started introducing salty foods in our menu: mostly because many tourists, after seeing the most beautiful areas of Florence, feel the need to eat something salty. This is how the ice cream shop in Florence Caffè delle Carrozze meets the needs of an ever-growing number of tourists.

The best ice cream in Florence at Caffè delle Carrozze

best gelato in florence

One of the most important features of the famous Caffè delle Carrozze is the production of the best Gelato in Florence and sorbet. We pay a great deal of attention to this sweet food, which is now in high demand. Not just tourists, but also Florence’s citizens love to spend a few relaxing moments while enjoying something tasty. Caffè delle Carrozze offers ice cream with unique flavors, and its purpose is to satisfy the expectations of those who want to eat good, sweet delicacies. Choosing the right ingredients to create the best sweet combinations is fundamental for the success of this Café. The creams are made simply using milk and fresh cream: this is because we want to offer only quality products and combine flavors that together taste delicious. Our many ice creams flavors are made only with quality products of Italian excellence: an example is the hazelnuts of Piedmont, or even the famous Bronte pistachios. These ingredients are ideal when creating of quality sweet dishes delicious for the palate. We also focus our attention on creating fruit-based ice creams and sorbets. We only use fresh fruit whose origin is precisely known. Customer Satisfaction for Caffè delle Carrozze is paramount and should not be underestimated. We aim at valorizing quality products coming from the rich countryside of Tuscany. That’s why at Caffè delle Carrozze – Best gelato in Florence –  near the Ponte Vecchio, you can enjoy blueberries and even raspberries from the Garfagnana area. Peaches from the Grosseto area are also among our most sought after delicacies, as well as many others. In addition to its tasty ice creams and sorbets, Caffè delle Carrozze is also renowned for its semifreddi/mousse, made exclusively with fresh and homemade cream. Here are some flavors: hazelnut, Ferrero Rochè and witch’s soup. Caffè delle Carrozze respects the cycle of the seasons, in full respect of nature and fruits it makes available to man. These are gluten-free products perfect for celiacs. Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy excellent sorbet too as they are free from any natural fat.

Not only sweet: try some salty dishes in a magical environment

Many in Florence look for a place where to taste a great Gelato in Florence. Furthermore, many tourists want to have something salty too. For those who wish to relax for a little while in a fairytale scenario don’t need to look any further than Caffè delle Carrozze in Florence. This is the ideal place for those who want to eat a quick meal made of unique and typical local dishes, or just have an aperitif. The products used at Caffè delle Carrozze are km 0: this means that only top-level products are used, which guarantee a unique flavor. Sausages and cheeses are undoubtedly one of the most sought after specialties available at the artisan best gelato in Florence – Caffè delle Carrozze, where you can relax while drinking some excellent wines too. All these products are purchased directly from trusted suppliers, therefore you’ll experience only top-level delicacies. From the farmer directly to our table: this is the product chain for salty dishes at Caffè delle Carrozze, which means that we’ll never choose poor quality products, or ones with little taste. Think of the products’ excellence available in neighboring areas of Florence, like the oil coming from San Casciano, the Tuscany salami from Pontassieve, cheeses from Siena, the finocchiona from San Gimignano, sought after by many clients. Pizza is one of the newest offers at Caffè delle Carrozze: a quick dish that can be consumed in no time. Dough is leaved naturally and without adding processed ingredients with plenty of preservatives. Another fundamental ingredient of Caffè delle Carrozze’s pizza is its fresh mozzarella.